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Hutchinson Protect’Air Max


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Protect’Air Max is a PH neutral latex based sealant that can be used for Road Tubeless and MTB tyres. It has two functions. When used with Tubeless Ready tyres, it seals the casing. MTB or Road. Secondly, it acts to repair small (1-2mm) punctures that perforate the casing of the tyre. If there is a puncture, the sealant acts to fill the hole and repair the tyre.

It has a dual use:

  • Tubeless Ready (Road and MTB): this is indispensable for guaranteeing that the tyres without tube are waterproof and for preventing punctures by plugging perforations up to 3 mm.
  • Tubeless (Road and MTB): It prevents punctures by plugging perforations up to 3 mm.

Recommendations for use: Provided in 120 ml bottle with cap and special valve, maintenance is easy and clean.
• Measurement for Road Tubeless : 30 to 50 ml/tyre
• Measurement for MTB Tubeless : 50 to 60 ml/tyre

Note: It may not repair larger punctures.

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