Schwinn Bicycles is an American based company with over 100 years of expertise in bicycle manufacturing. Schwinn makes bicycles that allow riders of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of riding. From kid’s bikes to the Le Tour Legacy, Schwinn offer a comprehensive line of bicycles to suit the needs of riders from across the world.

Schwinn designs bikes that people would want to ride. Schwinn’s irresistible efforts to ride out the need of the public’s interest in cycling have diversified into building bikes for Urban and Road riding. Schwinn uses the best American and European mechanics and design, including its iconic cantilever frame and durable tubular design. Schwinn builds bicycles not only for racing but also for every cyclist who wants a lightweight, light running, substantial bicycle with correct lines and the best equipment.

Schwinn’s objective is to build every bike with a commitment to provide improved specs, great product value and of course to give the rider a perfect ride.