The American brand Cannondale has come a long way since it’s birth in a crowded loft above a pickle factory in 1971. The Company grew quickly while earning a strong name in innovation and quality.

Today, Cannondale produces many different types of high-end bicycles; few of them are handmade, specializing in Aluminum and Carbon Fiber frames, a technology in which they were pioneers. On the MTB front, Cannondale were the first to start the Dual suspension revolution with the Delta V.E.S.T.

Cannondale are big players in the Pro Cycling Circuit. In 1997 Cannondale was the first to feature large, oversized aluminum bike frames on cycling’s biggest stage, the Tour de France. At the 1999 Tour, Cannondale had 4 stage victories with the Saeco team. From 2007 onwards Cannondale are the bike sponsors for Liquigas. On the Mountain biking circuit, Cannondale are the sponsor for the Cannondale – Vredestein racing team.